Hi! 👋 I’m Till and I try to indiehack my 1000+ ideas to reality.

As an Entrepreneurship graduate & former Investment Manager at a Venture Capital firm, I had the privilege of working with more than 1500 early stage founders in my early career. The dream job many would say and it was! A fast-paced, ever-changing environment involving ideas that ought to change the world. Seeing the fire in the founder’s eyes each and every day, however, made me realize that I need to be on the other side of the table - in a startup.

Seeking a new challenge, I transitioned to a startup brimming with potential. Over the course of six years, moving from the right hand of the three founders of a 20-person startup to a Global Senior Director of a 350-person enterprise, I had the opportunity to really embrace the startup feeling, meet a lot of great people (including my now fiancée) and learn a ton about how to scale a startup. Unfortunately or fortunately, being layed-off as part of a 25% headcount reduction served as a catalyst for profound self-reflection and ignited my passion for making a lasting impact on my own terms.

Motivated by a desire to effect positive change, I now embark on a solopreneurial journey. Embracing this new chapter, I recognize that the realm of solopreneurship empowers me to channel my vision, expertise, and entrepreneurial drive into ventures that align with my values.

I am currently at $0 $5,000 annual recurring revenue. I’d love to look back at this current moment in time and tell myself - that it was totally worth it! Hopefully also in terms of revenue but even more so in terms of valuable experiences gained and awesome people met along the way.